Confessions of a Personal Trainer #8

“Tug of War”

I’m standing on one side of the rope taking grip, positioning my feet with my best foundation, and sitting low, leaning back, taking brace. Everyday I’m ready to take part in tug of war, looking down the taught rope at my opposition. I can’t make out who I’m competing against as their face is hidden. Do I really need to know who I’m up against? No, all I need to know is that I’m ready to do my best. Some days I win, some I lose, some days it’s easier than others, some days my hands bleed from gripping so tight and sweat drips from my forehead. I step up to the rope and get ready again, but mentally I’m beaten already. My Personal Trainer is encouraging me and sharing strategy with me, but I can’t hear Him over the voices in my head saying “What’s the point, I don’t have the strength” I get pulled over the line and fall face first into the mud; a cheer and laughter come from the opposition and the crew that trains him.

My Trainer comes over and helps me to my feet, wiping my face, and cleans my hands. I feel exhausted, battered ego, shameful, and guilty as I hadn’t put in the training needed for this competition, frustration and anger overwhelms me. My Trainer says “lift your head” but I can’t as I do not feel worthy of Him. He says, “Look at me” and I lift my gaze, in which He says, “I Forgive you”. I break down into tears feeling relief and all the negative feelings and weight that I carried fall away. My Trainer then speaks out words of hope before I go home “This battle has been lost, but the war has already been won. It is Finished!”

What is important in my life? Sitting home watching hours of T.V. to rest or to pick up any book but preferably the book of “Good News” and draw in peace, claim guidance & wisdom!? To eat empty calories or to prepare a wholesome meal feast, bake fresh pancakes and granola bars to share with friends and family!? Stop up late and have extra me time for a reward after an exhausting day or to go through foam rolling or stretches then head to bed early truly relaxed physically & mentally to gain a good night’s rest; oh yeah, to snuggle in with my wife and see how her day has gone!? The more I follow Jesus, the more I realise how much I’ve been consumed by this world’s endless notifications. Life is about balance, but I’m now being drawn towards doing things that gain energy instead of depleting it, then heading into the next day eagerly awaiting the weekend to arrive.

I had an epiphany in a session the other day whilst I was repping out Dumbbell Snatches, relentless Burpees and lung burning push/pull actions on the Assault Bike. I was thinking “I’m on round 3 of 12, I just want to give up!” I was giving up because I was talking myself out of it and exhausted from making the worst choices of food the day before. Once I realised I was doing this I changed my thought process. “One movement at a time” I shouted. Then whispered in my mind “you are here and taking part, so just focus on good technique. Think where you were 3 months ago. I can do all things in His strength!” The morning crew and I made it through. So even though others and I didn’t complete the 12 rounds, we brought everything we had to offer in that session. The epiphany was, why am I putting in all the energy to then undo it all by making too many unhealthy decisions!? So now I take each day implementing small changes. After a time, all those small changes will make a BIG Impact on me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What choices will I make today? … to be continued

This month we’re looking at a quick energiser which prepares you for the day ahead.

Keep the Faith, Coach Spencer …