Confessions of a Personal Trainer #6

“Joe Wicks Jealousy”

Wow, this guy is everywhere and he is where I would like to. It is amazing how he has reached out to so many others. He is successful in the book shops, on YouTube, own coach channel, EVEN I HAVE HIS BOOKS! Ok, Calm down Spencer …

For many years of my coaching, I have looked at others and wanted to be like them. I have gone down the routes of Zumba teaching, leading Insanity classes to bring others what they offer. I have been so focused on what I think others want and what other trainers are doing that I have lost who I am as a coach. All that outgoing energy has depleted me, and I’ve accepted that I’m not Joe Wicks, I’m not CrossFit Rich Froning or Matt Fraser. I’m not someone else, so where does that leave me? Then one day I stumbled over this quote by Oscar Wilde “Be Yourself; everybody else is taken”.

As I’m finding out within my Psychotherapy sessions, I struggle with self-worth, which comes from a lack of confidence. Sifting through the past and opening the memories like cracking open eggs, I have been able to make sense of why I think the way I do, which has left me mentally, physically, and emotionally depleted; and I have fallen many times and have misplaced my faith. I have shut the door to my Christian beliefs and practices. I’m in a place that I’ve never been before, and I’m feeling lost and like I’m dangling at the end of a thread not knowing if or when it will break. 

In today’s session, these vital words spoken back to me by my therapist were “You are very intelligent and have a great understanding of what happened in the past, awareness of how this affects you now, and knowledge of how to take that next step” Those words opened my eyes to see the life I have, and the faith that still is within me, IS still working in my life.

“Joe Wicks I am not jealous of you anymore. I respect and honour the work you’ve done to reach others, to inspire and guide people all over the world.” I have something to offer, it is different, and it’s my unique gift to share. I did build my foundations on sand, but now I’m re-building my foundations on a rock that cannot be shaken. Watch out world Coach Spencer is down, but not out … to be continued

This month I’m sharing techniques to help out with muscle imbalances. Check out other workout videos on my YouTube Channel

Quick Foam Rolling follow along (13 minutes)

Keep the Faith, Coach Spencer …