Confessions of a Personal Trainer #1


I qualified as a PT back in 2006 and had such hopes for my new future helping people. In my mind (and the minds of others too), I have never looked like the advertised PT which people see in magazines or down the gym. Even though I was strong and extremely active I have never had a six pack which is the supposed success mark of a Trainer. I have been mocked by others (including trainers) and had comments like “Did you eat the Personal Trainer” and “You’re the fattest Instructor that I’ve ever met”.


Because I did not accept myself with my state of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health, how could I help and bring Hope to those struggling with the same struggles that I had? I started ‘Faith within Fitness’ in 2012 eager to draw people to my classes who came from many backgrounds, health circumstances and appearances. I wanted to create a space for people to be ok, even though they may not feel ok, but leave re-energised and with new Hope.

It was in 2020 that I shared my battles with my community, CVM (Christian Vision for Men) subscribers and with a wider audience by creating a year of little changes. These Monday Motiv8’s challenged me technically (as I was not tech savvy, as you could see in the first few MM’s). I did not like filming myself, I was not organised and left filming to the last minute, there’s more but will leave it there. 

As I filmed, I looked for motivational scripture to put with the thumbnails and upload to YouTube, and the challenges I set out for others opened my own eyes and made me realise that I have changed not just as a trainer, but within my marriage and family life. I had an epiphany, I am no longer a Personal Trainer, but am now a Coach. 

A Coach is someone that helps others by listening and hearing, meeting, and excepting others where they are at. By the Coach asking open questions the individuals can find their own answers … to be continued.

Every month for 2021 I will share my confessions, but also will pop a WOD Workout (Workout of the Day) link to my YouTube Channel

Keep the Faith