Code Ode 7 – Dan Goes on the Cabbage Diet

Read this: Daniel Chap 1.

Rap this:
Jerusalem is on its knees
An’ power is with God’s enemies
An’ people groan in poverty
An’ Dan is in captivity.
But ‘cause of his high pedigree
He’s earmarked for celebrity;
Fed up on local grub an’ booze,
Read up on local culture, views;
If Dan makes the grade-good news!
-A job for life at the Royal Mews

But Dan decides to make a stand.
This meat n’booze of a foreign land’s
Against his faith-the time’s at hand
To draw a line down in the sand.


Dan, he just eats vegetables.
Even though could cause him trouble.
They said, “This could burst yo’ bubble!”
He said, “Cool, I’m comfortable.”

Dan goes on the Cabbage Diet.
They say, “This goin’ cause a riot!”
“OK. Ten days—let me try it.
Then decide if you’re goin’ buy it.”

Dudes who stuff on steak and chips
Are lookin’ rough; ain’t no snake hips.
Dan an’ friends got their own huddle
Lookin’ like some male model.

The Palace takes fit-lookin’ guys;
Not just looks; they’re s’posed be wise.
Dan trusts that God who made the skies
Gives brains and looks– without no pies.

They beat all the opposition.
God won them the competition.
Prizes were some Royal Positions,
Better than the Royal Magicians.

Though Dan’s the man, God had it sussed.
So if you think that you bin’ cussed,
An’ hey! God’s plans seem blown to dust.
An’ if you feel you’re goin’ for bust,
Above all else, one thing’s a must:
The World’s a mess but God is Just.
He’s still in charge, you gotta trust.
Yeah, he’s in charge, you gotta trust.

Ask this:
How do I react when, like for Daniel, taken into captivity, God’s plans seem to be falling to pieces?

Pray this:
Please Lord, when all seems lost, help me to just hang on in there and stay true to You and your rescue plan for me.