What will your vision be?

At the age of 94 Billy Graham has set out his vision of what he is looking to achieve. It is a challenge that we who are many years younger should be taking on. Those who are closer in age to Billy Graham should not opt out but look to what God is asking them to do.

After his birthday in 2012 Billy Graham wrote down what he wishes to see happen, God willing, in the coming twelve months. He is giving a lead and example to follow. When we take into consideration his age and his failing health, we must give him respect, because he has continued to proclaim the good news over many decades.

Why aren’t we showing the same passion as Billy Graham? A passion to reach our brothers who are living in a world that doesn’t take notice of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is no easy task to motivate ourselves to go out into a hostile land, but we shouldn’t give up. How about asking God to go with us instead of taking part in serious navel gazing and saying we can’t do it? Jesus taught his disciples on a one to one basis and he will do the same with us if we will let Him.

The current attempts by the state to restrict when and where we can share the gospel can be overcome through prayer and living our lives so they reflect our Saviour.

Billy Graham is living the vision God has given him. What about us? Is God asking us to spend time in His presence so that He can open our eyes to the wonders He has to show us? And light the flame in us to achieve the task He has given us. All we will be asked to do, is to raise our focus above the problems which surround us and focus on Him.