Amazing Grace (Or grace to bloggers)

The Telegraph ran a wonderful piece on CVM recently highlighting well several key points that this ‘Focus Group’ (actually, we’re more of a movement) promotes.

The resulting web buzz has been, as it often is, bemusing. But we love it! Ok, so we love healthy debate more but hey, getting the message out there in which ever way is great.

Just a thought or two on some of the points, which may be a little ambiguous in their unsupported state …

If anything we don’t preach on grace enough. We also want to see men fired up about injustice and demonstrating radical compassion. But the Bible has alot to say about other stuff as well! And that’s the point, it’s about balance and looking at the whole of life and the issues that we face daily.

We might also argue that debate and argument are good teaching styles for men. Something we argue for strongly despite the article saying we want less discussion! Now small groups randomly formed talking about intimate life issues on a Sunday morning … we dont want that sort of disussion!

So as the blog world runs away with the story for their own amusement all we say is, “Hey – welcome to the discussion.”