In 2003, Evangelicals Now published some research that suggested that in terms of seeing whole households come to faith, the following could be statistically proven.

  • Lead a child to Jesus and 3.5% of the time the whole family will come to Christ
  • Lead a mother to Jesus and 17% of the time the whole family will come to Christ.
  • Lead a father to Jesus and 93% of the time the rest of the family will come to Christ.

Now, without wanting to get reactionary and all over the top about it, let me just ask this question; If this is even remotely true, why is men’s ministry so often a bolt-on extra in church life rather than at the central core?

It follows that, if we are passionate about evangelism and concerned to have healthy churches that are great for women, men and children, we would do well to give these stats some serious airtime and consideration.  More than that, we should be prepared to rethink so much of our church culture.