God created the universe and He made man in his own image……. this is mind blowing!

Therefore may I suggest that we think outside of the box and focus on how each one of us could be more creative this week.

This may be with our hands such as photography or gardening, Churchill relaxed by building brick walls!

We could be more creative socially…start a prayer triplet. Visit an elderly man who may be lonely and take him for a pint at your local. Go for a long cycle ride with a mate or your son.

Someone challenged me to focus on my ministry of being a husband. That is very creative and involves every heading that I could possibly mention in this short blog!

One of my friends observed that many men who have very creative jobs want to switch off their brains on Sunday at church. Is this is a cop out? Sometimes the best refreshment is to do something as challenging, but completely different from, our normal tasks. It is important for church leaders to challenge men with creative activity rather than them becoming passive spectators.

It is good to do what you are passionate about and invite others to join in. I think CVM call this level one! This is not a big deal, just start in a small way with one other person.

I`m a retired civil engineer and I have found voluntary work socially very demanding and creative. And a joy!