Is your 2015 diary already a bit too full or do you just live in the present? We all have our own time management styles and, yes, planning is necessary. But don’t let your diaries turn into a straitjacket

Then we shall be freer to focus on “random acts of kindness”. Those small gifts cost us a minute or two of time but have value for our neighbour. Letting a car out of a side road in front of us, allowing a harassed parent with two screaming kids go in front of us in the check out queue….and how about telling the kids a funny story while they wait.

Smiles are very catchy, like ripples in a pond when you throw a stone. A few strangers have given me warm smiles back this week, it brightens up the day!

About 60 years ago my scoutmaster suggested that we helped old ladies across the road…I thought that was crazy, as with no cars and only a few bikes, the roads were safe…so let`s be more creative and laid back!

Jesus challenged us to go the extra mile…..perhaps we need to take that first step to climb Everest, then keep on keeping on, step by step.