The Practice of the Presence of God

The practice of the presence of God was popularised by Brother Lawrence  in the classic Christian book of the same name. (The Practice of the Presence of God on Amazon)  It is a great aspiration but one most of us find difficult to achieve.

I came across a guy who does a lot of driving and consequently found that his day, with all its frustrations, was very difficult and he quickly lost any sense of the God’s presence. He decided that he needed some way of being constantly reminded in his car to seek out a space to acknowledge God.

As traffic lights were one of his major frustrations he thought he would use them to his advantage.  Instead of cursing his luck as the lights turn red he would treat them as a reminder to turn his mind briefly to God.

He says it has made a big difference to his day making him more ‘God conscious’.  Is this something you could try? or do you have other ways that help you practice the presence of God in the everyday?

Roy Gregory