REFLECTIONS: Is his spirit alive in our life?

Viewfinders, is an open church group that meets to help each other to take better photographs. Each month we set ourselves a photographic task this month’s subject is reflections, something to ‘focus’ on

We have recently downsized and moved into a small bungalow to be closer to our daughter and family. This has been one of the most challenging events of our lives, which has left us asking “Where is God leading us?”  

He has placed us in a new church where there is opportunity to use our gifts. Change has forced us out of our comfort zone and stopped us getting into a rut. In spite of some negative encouragement, it has been another ‘Retirement’, but being in a different area, remembering people’s names and getting into new routines has made it harder. Over the two years we have made new friendships, but sadly two of them have died which brings it home, things are for a season in His plan!

We can learn how the spirit came alive from the original first English translation by a priest who worked in the margins on the original Lindisfarne gospel in 970AD at our ‘church’. It is challenging to pray into the day to day events of the church that we may see in a new way similar manifestations of healing and revival that the monks and St Cuthbert did in the North East when Christianity first came to our country.

At present his spirit is alive and well along side this unique heritage . There is at ‘church’ free praise and worship, new initiatives of praying together, healing services, foodbank, cafe church, men’s breakfast, viewfinders, home groups, healing on the streets and doors continue to open.

Change and correction always result in fruit God never closes a door without opening another.

Time to reflect on holiday at Church or in the country