A Shift in Focus

I have a little confession to make. I like to be the one that thinks of the ideas, finds the way forward, makes the running does the work and takes the prize.

Shocking? Surely not? I hope that I’m not the only bloke that still has a competitive instinct after my 52 years on earth (and 35 years following the maker of the earth).

But I’ve noticed something else about this competitive nature of mine that can really get in the way if I am not careful. At 52 I have started to think about whether I have made my mark for God in this world. Is there a more significant role I can take on in the church? how can I use that wisdom and experience that God has given me in my life, while I am still able?

But this can lead to me trying to do everything and leaving no space for others to shine. Not because I am trying to prove myself to others, but perhaps sometimes trying to prove myself to me. The focus for that competitive instinct has become internal.

“I can still do the things I used to do,
I can still be everything to everyone”

Scripture tell us that we are each set a bundle of tasks that are ours to do (see Ephesians 2:10). My role is not to seek to do just something, but to allow God to guide me into the things he would have me do. So it becomes easy when I recognise that where I am right now, at this moment is because God has put me here to find one of those tasks He is asking me to do. In fact I am discovering that I don’t even need to look for them, I just need to be alert and they become obvious.

My lesson – Do what is obviously right and good. No more is needed, if you are following God He shows you what to do.