Wanted: Husbands with GSOH

You’ve probably heard the statistics: If a child follows Christ his family will also follow in 3% of cases; if a woman follows Christ, 17% of the time, the rest of the family will follow, and if a husband follows Christ, over 90% of the time the rest of the family will join him.

The work behind the statistics was done some time ago, but the figures are reflected today: many churches run children’s Summer clubs, which are very well attended, but their families don’t attend church. And almost every church will have some ladies attend without their husbands, but it is rare to find a husband attending church without his family. (I have come across a few cases where a husband does attend church without his family, but it is very rare.)

Recently I’ve been researching the stories of men who have followed Christ after their wives. I’ve interviewed husbands and wives to hear the story of how the husband came to faith.

What lessons can we learn? Are there any “stepping stones” that we can put into place to facilitate such journeys? How can a house group or men’s group play their part? Are there any “do’s” or “don’ts”?

I’ve already got some fascinating material, but I’ve only been able to get a handful of case studies. I’d love to get some more so that I can take the research further.

So fellas, if you’ve come to Christ after your wife, get in touch – I’d love to hear your story. Or if you know someone in that category, put them in touch or let me know and I’ll follow them up.

And if your wife regularly goes to church, but you don’t, then please also get in contact as I’d be interested in hearing from you. suneel.shivdasani @ cvm.org.uk