Truth & Courage

So this year I wanted to focus on something that would challenge me and keep me moving forward in my faith.

I was thinking about what that could be, and on one day found myself between meetings so I went to the V&A museum.

I came across a couple of sculptures, initially I just spent some time looking at them from a distance. When I went closer, I read all the info and it turns out these two sculptures depict two scenes, one was called Truth and Falsehood, and the other Courage and Cowardice.

With truth and falsehood, truth was wrestling falsehood, had him by his forked tongue and was pushing his mask back to reveal….truth.
The other had courage wrestling with cowardice, courage had her foot on a shield bringing cowardice into submission, I liked these!

Courage is something we need, and it can take shape in so many ways, but what happens is that all around us is fear and despair, which can erode this courage and fight against our calling to be kingdom men.

The fear of ‘suppose’ or the thoughts of ‘what if’ can rob us of this courage and drive, that we start to question and query, we stop looking kingdom and start looking at the raging waters around us.

Combine that with truth and you have something very potent! Truth, whenever I have spoken it or acted in it, or built my life around it pushes back the mask of falsehood. It grabs the tongue of lies and smashes a huge hole in the ability to control and contain us as Jesus men.

On about 70+ occasions Jesus opens a conversation with ‘I tell you the truth!’ we need more of that! I want to advance into 2016 with Jesus Truth & Holy Spirit Courage, how about you?

Image credit: Photo by Duncan Hull / CC BY 2.0