Top 10 Action Moments in the Bible (Pt 10/10)

No .01 Sets his face to Jerusalem

I want to finish this series with something simple but the most profound moment of action we’ve got. In the bible we get this moment building up where Jesus is teaching, preaching and journeying along but then in Luke 9:51 there is a turning point.

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

After this, Jesus starts to teach about the cross, he alludes to it with his disciples and lets them know what is to come. I think that sometimes it is easy to see the cross as something that may have caught Jesus out or off guard. Like he knew something was coming but not sure what.

In Luke 9:51 we have this moment where Jesus looks towards Jerusalem, the last part of his life and journey, and is absolutely resolute. He purposely sets his face towards it.

For me, this is Jesus saying ‘here I come.’

Here I come with the weight of salvation on my shoulders.
Here I come with the hope of the world on my back.
Here I come to give everything because I love you.
Here I come because my Father has sent me.
Here I come, your will be done.

What are you resolute about? Have you ever had that moment in your life where you set your face to something? Forgive me if you feel this is stretching the narrative too far but I like to think of myself in Jerusalem.

Jesus setting his face towards me.

Jesus sets his face to my sin.
Jesus sets his face to my pain.
Jesus sets his face to fix our relationship.
Jesus sets his face to call me back.
Jesus sets his face to save me.
Jesus sets his face to forgive me.

The weight of this Bible chapter in the life of Jesus is so vivid. He retreats to pray, asks God to help but yields to the plan and not his will but that of his father in heaven. Jesus weeps tears of blood and the decision to set his face to Jerusalem comes with the highest cost.
But that cost has won the greatest victory you and I can ever see.
We can be free men, the action of Jesus has set us free indeed.

Will life be easy sailing with no storms? If I need to answer that you haven’t been on the path long enough. You will know that Jesus is greater than any storm in us, he sets his face to you and calls you his friend.

Thank you Jesus.


Image Credit: Word for WORD Bible Comic
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