The way, the truth and the life is here!

At CVM this year, like every year, we have focused on one person, we have written about, spoken about and shared the news of Jesus the Christ.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
John 14:6

Jesus is the answer, he is the hope we have, and he is the saviour to a lost and broken world.

A world that is asking which way? How do I know which way to steer my life? How do I know which paths to take and choices to make? Who will guide me? Who will lead me, from a place of really seeing and knowing the deepest of me, and the stuff that makes me tick?

We are in a world that is wrestling to make sense of life and truth through a lens of fake news, where truth is an option not a requirement from our world leaders, within our communities and even our homes.

We are also in a world that looks for meaning and purpose to life in the places that only give momentary and fleeting answers to the search. When those sources and wells run dry, as their relevance and veil slip away, the search only leads to a lie that even more or newer will be the answer.

We talk about Jesus, and only Jesus because he really is the only way for a lost world. He really is the breath of truth that we need to sustain us. Jesus is the life, for us to live fully now and, when we each take the step from this life into eternity, we are guaranteed it will be spent with God rather than apart from him.

Christmas is such a good time to reflect on this stuff, that the baby we celebrate being born brought everything this world has and will ever need. The way to life and relationship with God our creator is open, truth is available for us now in our lives, and forgiveness, and our welcome home is and will be, everlasting.

Joy to the world! Have a great Christmas, thank you for supporting and helping CVM share the truth of Jesus to as many men, their mates and their families as we can.

God bless,