Table for One?

A man enters through the doors of a restaurant and there before him are two tables – one is very ornate, set with a beautiful tablecloth and a fine napkin, glasses and perfectly set out cutlery. It has one seat…very plush and comfortable with red velvet cushions.

The second table is quite plain and simple, made from roughly sawn wood and with an equally simply constructed wooden bench, but which seats two.

“Welcome back”, greets the waiter, “Same table as usual?”.

“Yes, indeed”, says the man.

He sits at the elaborately presented table and settles into the plush seat and views the menu.

“What would sir like to choose today; Gambling?”

“No thank you.  I’ve had my fill of that”, says the man.

“How about, more than your fill of booze?” asks the waiter.

“No…I’ve had my fill of that too”, he replies as he scans the long list of seemingly mouth-watering items to choose from.

“I’ll have the non-prescribed medication please”, says the man, and off goes the waiter to fill his plate.

The man looks across at the simple wooden table opposite him with the bench for two.

A voice says to him, “Why don’t you come and sit here and choose from my menu?   I am all you need.  I am the bread of life and I will quench your thirst.  Eat with me and I will sustain you with love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control….and I will join you as you feast”.

The waiter returns with a large portion of what the man has ordered and as he eats his fill, the waiter smirks and enquires, “Are you enjoying your meal?  Please do come back next week, there’s plenty more for you to choose from….”.

I really believe that God is telling you to stop eating at the devil’s table.  What’s on offer may seem to be enticing and he wants you to think that it’s the best table to eat from, but the food on offer will only lead to your destruction.

Go and sit with the Lord and eat your fill from His menu.  He will sustain you and his food will give you life.


Image Credit: Chetan Hireholi