So, I took the dog for a walk the other day, I had decided to go to the coast with him as he literally runs non-stop for an hour chasing birds and waves then will sleep all day. 

We were plodding around like normal in the mud and I came across a lump of green glass so obviously picked it up for a closer look. 

Now I am sure you’ve handled or seen glass on the beach before, when it has been in the sea for a while it loses all the edge to it. I picked up this lump and squeezed it tightly in my hand, no cuts no sharp edge to it all, it had changed completely from how it would have been when it first smashed off. 

Now the obvious line of comparison here to a spiritual thought is that like the glass, God works to smooth us out and work on those real nasty, sharp parts in our lives. As I was thinking about it my mind asked the question, so what do I do then? During this process, what do I do? 

I then thought about that lump of glass, there really wasn’t anything it could do. It was basically powerless and drifted about and the process of time at sea did the work. It was at that moment I felt like I had a little word in my ear from God. ‘Let me work son.’

Now I don’t know how you might interpret that in your life, that’s up to you. But for me I knew what it meant. Surrender. 

That’s perhaps one of the hardest things to do as a Christian man, surrender. Over to you Jesus. 

I so often want to know the timeline, action plan, best route, estimate completion date and on it goes. But with God, it has never been like that for me. It’s a rolling of waves, and gradual process of continually stepping forward again and again and saying ‘over to you Jesus.’ 

Photo by luv4daisy from FreeImages