A lay in is a rare and unique thing.
I have 3 children and they don’t mess about when it comes to starting their day at full speed.

Our normal routine in the home is that I do the mornings and get things moving before I leave to get to the HUB at CVM.

On the rare occasion I get a lay in, but my problem is I don’t really like to rest. Once I am awake the lay in is over, just being in bed doing nothing seems like a waste of time now. So up I get and get going.

I sort of carry this mindset around with me during the day too. It is the sort of thing that says if it’s broken; have a go at fixing it, if it needs doing; mend it, I am awake; get up in that moment to sort it. This drives my wife mad of course, when she talks to me she is not asking me to do anything other than listen, but I want to solve it, sort it!

The point here is that I don’t rest easy, I like to find ways to solve, build or fix. The Bible in Psalm 23 tells me that God will make me rest in green pastures and restore my soul! He doesn’t invite me to stop and chill out, or even advise it. No, it says He makes me rest!

I have discovered that when my strengths, ability and sheer determination have done all they can and I do, I just have to rest, have you found that yet?

Image Credit: David Mao