Life goes by so quickly, next year I will be a young 50 year old, I can’t actually believe this and you know what, I’m finding it hard to accept.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘legacy’. A legacy is something you leave behind and for the most part in Western society it’s about money, house, assets etc.

Just a couple of weeks back, my youngest daughter Rachel played in the Scottish Cup semi final with her football team and they managed to win. So now we have a final to look forward too! So it’s a story and achievement that she will be able to pass onto her own kids and grandchildren.

For me as a Dad, I hope to pass on a house and some money to help my children on their own journey, but the most important Legacy I will leave, will be faith. Something that is eternal and not just temporal.

The world we live in is consumed by ownership and we strive for more things, we are a consuming society, we never seem to be satisfied.

The verse in the Bible that speaks to this is Matthew 6 v 21 ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’.

In this temporal life we chase after the treasures of earth, often putting this earthly treasure before our family and friends.

The treasure God wants us to chase and enjoy is the eternal one. We are called to put our relationship with Jesus first. As a result of this and living a life that puts Jesus and others first we will be building eternal treasure.

So the legacy I hope to pass to my kids is an example of living for the Kingdom of God, but also passing the baton of faith onto them and praying that they will in turn pass on the eternal legacy to their own family.


Image Credit: Rod Long