Good vs. Great

My son Micah is 5, he came home from school on Friday saying that the teacher had asked him if he could ride a bike, to which he said “no, not really.”

This bothered him, he came home and asked me straight away to get his BMX out so I could teach him again. (I had tried before but I learnt that the timing for this type of thing is with your kids, not you).

We couldn’t get on the bike that day, so he waited. The next day it was all he wanted to do – so after church in the bitter cold, we went out with his bike.

I was amazed, after a few moments he was peddling along with only a few wobbles and crashes into the back of parked cars. No damage done.

I praised him and told him for ages how good he was on his bike – which he heard, but something else happened which taught me a good lesson.

Don’t give up on what is great, by holding on to what is good.

I don’t know who said that but it came to mind that cold Sunday afternoon.

He was riding good, and had managed more than I thought possible in just an hour that afternoon. He began to pedal standing up trying to go faster, he’d zoom past me and even tried a bunny hop (Jumping the bike off the ground!)


He was unwilling to give up on being great on the BMX by just settling for being good.

I was really impacted by it and immediately started to think about my faith in Jesus and how easy it is to settle for ‘good’ and lose sight of ‘great’. Good is comfortable and fears change. It can numb me and switch me off to the needs around me which need Jesus and His kingdom truth spoken in.

I want my faith in Jesus to be marked by risk taking,thinking big, being bold, praying for the miracles, asking big and expecting huge things! What about you?!

Are you living with ‘good’ when ‘great’ is on offer?! Great could mean trusting and walking blind at times, where the cost and possible difficulty can seep in, but I think, it is where we need to be… What about you?