Good Friday

As time has gone on I think I have become more aware of how much of a ‘next’ generation we are living in. 

Let me explain.

I remember sitting in the cinema in Harlow, Essex and literally being speechless as Neo, on the roof top went into bullet time and dropped back as an agent’s bullets whizzed past him in super slow motion. I was stunned and just sat there, mouth open wide, eyes not blinking just in total awe and wonder of what I had seen. 

CGI effects from that point on would never be the same again, the Matrix was a game changer, and I left that cinema just amazed. 

Recently a video was shared to my men’s group of a bit of stunning CGI filming, one guy wrote ‘doesn’t do anything for me, next.’ He was spot on and went on to explain how we have arrived at a place now where very little ‘wow’s us’ and consciously or subconsciously we are saying ‘yeah whatever, seen it before…next.’

I think society will always be seeking for a simple truth with no CGI – something that will change and rock that ‘next’ culture – for me, the unchanging moment we remember at Easter is it. 

No gloss, no effects – one man giving up his life ‘Greater love has no one than this, that a person will lay down his life for his friends.’ John 15:13

However, we are also faced with the stark reality here that Jesus laid down his life for his enemies too. Those who hated him, hated his claims, teaching and life. The death of Jesus is the ultimate rescue mission to save everyone who will believe and follow him. 

This is something that will never be fully understood or captured, it doesn’t need CGI or clever technology to make it relevant and ‘fit’ each generation – it’s the life, death and resurrection of God’s son saving you. 

It won’t get any better than that. 

Image Credit: eberhard grossgasteiger