Day 5!

This week my brother Ben and I are trying to cycle from St David’s in Wales right across the widest point of the UK to Lowestoft. 

When I dreamed this Grand Challenge up in lockdown it seemed like a fantastic idea and made perfect sense, now on day 5, it makes no sense at all. 

What’s a CVM Grand Challenge? 

Essentially this is all about doing a charity fundraising event for CVM, raise a minimum of £1000 for CVM by doing a challenge that will push you to the limit and be a decent achievement for you personally. 

So this is what we are doing, dressed as Batman and Robin we are cycling across the UK pulling a bathtub on wheels to make as much noise about the work of CVM as we can. 

This 5 part blog series is all about endurance, challenge and spiritual fitness. Let’s go! 

Day 5 – Discipline – yuk 

For a long time, I struggled with physical exercise. It wasn’t that I didn’t do anything I just didn’t ever really enjoy it, it always felt like a chore and required effort to want to ever do it. That was until I found skipping! 

I have of course taken a good amount of stick from my mates buying me ribbons for hair etc but I keep telling them it’s boxing skipping, the good sort of skipping. 

Point is, I finally found that exercise can be something that moves from feeling like a chore, duty or something I just did badly to something I loved, wanted to do and spend time on.

In following Jesus, I have to be honest that there have been times and seasons where I have just found reading my bible, going to church etc a chore. It’s felt like a duty when I start a bible reading plan, for example, Jan 1st and by Jan 5th I am already 4 days behind and soon I am feeling further back than ever. 

First off, this will happen and I think it’s ok because like any relationship – following Jesus will sometimes feel as if you’re not really connecting and breaking any new ground. Secondly, I think it is important for us to find new and creative ways to get close to God and grow that relationship. 

I have found listening to the bible really helpful, making a playlist of some classic old gospel hymns and songs. Walking early in the morning or at night, especially near water or open seas, helps me massively connect and reconnect with God. 

You may not need to be finding creative ways all the time but building in the stuff you enjoy doing that helps your spiritual life grow is important. The final thing to say is that sometimes discipline is the glue that you need. I started skipping badly, every 3 jumps I was tangled and in agony with red whip marks across my legs and back. Discipline kept me there, go again, go again, go again.  Spiritual disciplines of prayer and listening/reading your bible mustn’t be overlooked, game-changers!

If anyone else out there can support and cheer these guys on with a donation, please do – it makes a real difference!