I would consider myself to be a good driver. I have never taken an advanced test but I am confident I am probably at that level, are you with me on this? (Just a joke, but I am a good driver) When I passed my driving test (2nd time trying…) me and a mate would just get the car and drive at night for hours. Whenever we got to a crossroads we would flip a coin for direction, heads left and tails right. We would just drive, journey and let the choice be made for us as to which road we traveled.

I was putting one of my children to bed recently and I sing to them…it’s like a form of anaesthetic… but seriously, I was singing an old Sunday school classic and I remembered those drives with my mate.

The song was this one:

I met Jesus at the crossroads,
Where the two ways meet;
Satan too was standing there,
And he said ‘ Come this way,
Lots and lots of pleasures I can give to you this day.’
But I said ‘No! there’s Jesus here,
Just see what He offers me:
Down here my sins forgiven,
Up there, a home in heaven;’
Praise God that’s the way for me.

The Bible tells me that we all face this crossroads, like me and my mate on the road flipping that coin, we are presented with a choice, to say ‘yes’ and follow Jesus or ‘no’ and to take the opposite path.

Jesus loves you and me so much that he gave his life for us on the cross 2,000 years ago because sin had driven a wedge between us. He stepped in showing the most incredible sacrifice, an eternity altering rescue mission that cost him everything. Death was over us, not him, but he stepped in and took the hit for us!

This Jesus who loves us that much is at that crossroads, but he is the complete gentleman, the perfect man. He gave everything, and hopes and waits, forgiveness and mercy all there in his scarred hands, he can see what is ahead and opens the right path for us to walk along, but he leaves the choice to us.

Whilst there is breath in your body, he waits. Whilst the blood in your veins pumps around your beating heart, he waits. You see God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that NONE shall perish! All can find eternal life!!!

BUT, it is a choice not a right. It is a gift not earned with good works, it has already been purchased, the cheque has cleared and the gift wrap has gone on, but it is a gift that must be taken personally by you and for you alone. Have you been to this crossroads yet? Which way will you turn?