For me I love nothing better than settling down to watch a movie to relax, there are so many wonderful movies, and yes, I know there are many not so good.

As a man, we do tend to like the more action type of movies, war movies, dramatic battles scenes or seeing the all action hero taking on the bad guys, of course winning in the end.

As a Christian man I have watched a few low budget Christian movies, which being honest can be a bit cheesy and actually turn me off watching them.

Yet there is a movie that I have watched a dozen times and used the many inspirational clips to help with talks at Men`s groups.

Courageous is the movie, a story of four men, one calling: to serve and protect. as law enforcement officers, they face danger every day. yet when tragedy strikes close to home, these fathers are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, and their faith. from this struggle will come a decision that changes all of their lives. with action, drama, and humour, the fourth film from Sherwood pictures embraces god’s promise to “turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.” souls will be stirred, and hearts will be challenged to be … courageous!

The word courageous stirs up something in a man, there is a saying that says men don’t follow titles, they follow courage, I know for me this is true, seeing a man make a stand for something and you can`t help but admire and your heart starts to beat in a way that inspires your whole being.

The call for the men of faith in the UK is to make a stand, to fill in the gap for those who cannot stand or have a voice, imagine seeing an army of Christian men being full of courage and being the best man they can be. This can be leading your family in a godly way, loving your wife and kids like Jesus loved the church, in this modern era, courage is often going against the grain, not following the ways of the world, but standing up for what is right in God`s eyes, this is unbelievably hard in the year 2020.

Yet in seeing one righteous Man full of courage to do and say what is right, will inspire many others to be Courageous.

 In Matthew 14 v 27 – Jesus reminded his disciples too “take courage! it is I, don’t be afraid”

The bible is full of courageous men who took a stand against evil, we are to be Christ like, the most courageous man to walk the earth.

Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.

This quote from Braveheart states a universal truth. without courage leadership does not exist. in the absence of courage lesser men assume leadership positions because society becomes ambivalent. William Wallace encourages through word and deed. the deeds strengthen the words, as they do with most people

Trust a Scotsman to finish a blog with a quote from Braveheart 😊

Photo by misbass from FreeImages