An Unstoppable Movement of Men

There is very much a pioneering dynamic to the work of CVM Cymru. We are a small ministry here in Wales, and much of what needs to be done right now is simply raising awareness of the need for men’s outreach ministry amongst local churches. Sometimes we find ourselves falling into the trap of thinking that this is all about the next meeting, the next presentation, and even the next event.

We certainly do need all the above, after all even with us men it is fundamentally about building relationships, trust and working together. But, reaching the men of our nation can never be reduced to a numbers game—we will never win the nation for Christ simply by having enough meetings with church leaders, or presenting a plan to as many Christian men as we can. I am also pretty sure that, as important as curry is for our health, we can never organise enough curry nights to propel us into national revival.

When I first joined CVM, I was really struck by the following statistic: on average it will take five years for a man to come to faith in Christ (from the first time he hears about Jesus). In that five-year period, he will need to encounter the Gospel at least thirty times and eighty percent of men who go on this journey are introduced to it by a mate.

What struck me was that we were statistically proving the validity of Matthew 28:19-20

‘Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

We win our mates for Jesus by hanging out with them, journeying with them, sharing Jesus whenever and wherever we can. This is all about relationship. It is all about sacrificing our time to see our mates come to know our Captain, Brother, Rescuer & Friend!

Five years always feels like a long time to me. What will I be saying if over the next five years I see my mates all gradually coming to faith, and leading their mates along the same journey? The truth is, we will generally reproduce in others only what we are ourselves. If we want to build a movement of men, across this nation, who are all committed to introducing their mates to Jesus—have a guess where that movement will start? 

Who is the only person who can start that movement in your world?

As I am writing this blog, I have recently been re-reading ‘The Code’ and this morning I tweeted the following (@WelshCVMbloke):

‘In following Jesus, we join a movement of optimism, hope & a sense of heaven on our shoulders. We are not moaners, sulkers, or cynics, because we know what we have been saved from. Our lives are characterized by a continual flow of grace toward others because of the grace we know’

If you have read ‘The Code’ you will recognise these words. My challenge to us all, and most importantly to myself, is this: do whatever it takes to rediscover the wonder of what Jesus has done for you. Live for it with a passion that is relentlessly unquenchable, get involved with a local men’s outreach group (start one if you have to) and let’s build a movement of men, across this nation, who are all committed to leading their mates to Jesus.

Don’t wait to do this, start where you are and let God’s grace flow from your life simply because you know what is like to receive that grace first-hand.