Twiddling Your Thumbs?

As the guys say in our typically bizarre Boxing Day film, why not do something epic today and reserve your place for the CVM Gathering! Take full advantage of the Early Bloke booking and get the whole weekend for just £65. Hundreds of guys from across the UK will meet for banter, laughter and solid teaching on what it means to live LIFE IN FULL.

(CVM Men’s Camp is June 29 – July 1 @ Lynt Farm, Nr Swindon)

Don’t miss out on the discount and book now for The Gathering 2012

Here’s what some guys thought last time:

“Great bunch of speakers, very down to earth and practical but with a real live Jesus message.”

“Fantastic! already getting more guys geared up for next year.”

“I thought the whole things was a blast from start to finish. What an ACE idea to have the teas & coffees going all day for free. That’s a cracker of a facility and was so good to just have the place and space to catch up with folks not seen for ages. Nice One! I’ll be back despite living 12 hours drive away!”

“As a Vicar I found I could relax and really chill out, I loved every main session and laughed so much. Minsitry can take it out of you and CVM stuff always builds me back up. To be honest I think you did very very well and I can’t wait to tell others. In fact that is what I have been doing ever since with every man I meet – I say “Do you know what I did last week?” and tell them.”

See you there guys!