Carl’s Running the London Marathon!

Hi everyone!

Over the last 2 years I’ve taken on an annual challenge to raise money for the work of The Kings Foundation. This year I’m raising money for CVM, the charity I lead, by running all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon.

CVM has some amazing opportunities over the next year, including getting our new world cup souvenir magazine “Scorchio” into nearly every prison cell in the UK!  We also continue to develop top quality resources for the church and will be running 12 Regional Days all over the UK and a big hit national conference. CVM has also just entered into a partnership with the fantastic Sorted Magazine! The diary for 2010 is already packed full of churches crying out to know how to reach out to blokes from Cornwall to Scotland.

So we find ourselves massively in demand but usually on the edge of financial meltdown! We only need another £8k to get Scorchio onto the streets and only £10k to produce the UK’s first ever men’s ministry manual we are calling “The Works” which will be packed full of hints, tips, resources, research, reviews and more …

Please sponsor me … which is really a sponsorship of CVM and a declaration that you are standing with us as we press ahead with what we believe we have been called to do.

Huge thanks!