You need to go home

On the 10th of the 10th 2010 I was baptized by full immersion. But why?

I grew up in a family that openly disliked church, though I’ve no idea why. Other than a wedding or two I had no desire to enter a church until I was 16 and that was only because I fancied a girl who persuaded me to go on the promise of a kiss or cuddle!

That cemented my idea that church wasn’t for me and Christians were weird; (and some still are I reckon!).

So what changed?  Life I suppose! I was always caring and empathetic as a child. I grew up on a council estate and was always looking for a new experience right or wrong.
After being unable to join the army because I was too small, I drifted into care-work. Initially this was with the elderly and then children and young people. I’ve seen amazing miracles and supported people during painful, distressing deaths. I have met the most inspiring people and also some of the most broken.

As I’ve said I have always been kind, caring and empathetic with a knack of saying the right thing rather than the ‘correct’ thing! I was respected for that and that made me good at my job. I loved life and wanted it to challenge me and it did.

By the age of 30 and with much life experience I started to think about faith; what did I actually believe? Where did my beliefs fit in?

In April 2001 I had an experience that led me to get into my car without any real thought and drive to a specific Christian church. Now that sounds weird I know but that’s what happened, and that evening I realised that I did believe in God. Before this night I thought I was sorted but from that moment life began to make sense, I was more confident and happy.

Since then I have had some more amazing experiences, but after a while I realised that my faith had stopped growing. Yes I was still caring for other people.
Then one week, after a lifeless church service that had done nothing for me, I weakly smiled at an old lady who could see my frustration and I listened intently as she said YOU NEED TO GO HOME AND PRAY FOR JESUS CHRIST TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE” I did just that – and he did at a 100 miles an hour – from that moment my faith began to really grow and I needed to make a statement so everyone around me knew … that’s why I was baptized on the 10th of the 10th 2010.

Antony Millward’s
A/C for North West Leicestershire


Image Credit: Ben White