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Felipe Guimaraes Silverstone

On paper Jesus Saves Racing has had a solid start to the 2013 season – three podiums (third places) and a fourth. Adriano also bagged fastest lap at Snetterton and led at Brands Hatch. Meanwhile in British Formula 3 Brazilian Felipe Guimaraes has chosen to run with Jesus Saves on his car (with no cost to us) to help spread the message, he is currently second in the championship.

However, I would have to add that right now we have ‘duck syndrome!’ All is serene above surface while we paddle frantically underneath. At our first race a sponsor pulled out which immediately axed two thirds of our budget. About this time we also had to send back Fernando’s original Jesus Saves car which we were promised was complete but dismantled (sadly it needed £1000s spent on it as only half a car was supplied).

After that first race I can honestly say I have rarely seen a bunch of people who have felt more let down (we’d hired an alternative car and our engine had let go). Crazy beginnings! At times like these you either lay down and die, or fight with your back against the wall…

The team were clearly functioning superbly but were being let down by outside factors. So we decided to take control of what God had set before us the whole team dug deep to buy a car and create a new Jesus Saves Formula Ford.

Side on race Snett 13

We didn’t have the full amount needed but went to look at a Van Diemen RF80 anyway. As we tested the engine compression we took a call from a member of the team who said they would give us a chunk of money. Amazingly this was exactly the amount we needed! God was solid and came through. We now push on with almost no racing budget or evangelism expenses, but knowing more fully that the Lord provides.

If you check out Matthew 21:28-32 we find that Jesus tells a story about two sons who are sent to work on their Dad’s farm. One says he wont work – but he does, and the other that says he will work but doesn’t. Jesus asks his listener’s “which son did what his Father asked?”, and of course the answer is the first one. The point to the story is that those who don’t say and do the right thing can still become sons who take hold of their inheritance. While those who sound right and

look religious but don’t act to grasp their inheritance, which God offers, simply don’t cut it. It’s a great picture of us grasping God’s free giving.

But there’s a further deal to this story which is inferred behind the words. This comes from seeing the irony of Jesus (The Son) talking about a father and two sons. The story screams out for another son – one that is perfect, one that when asked would both agree to work and go through with it. This inferred son is the one who tells the story – Jesus Christ. He is the one who doesn’t change his mind about us, who doesn’t give up on us and who went through with His Father’s request by dying for us to win us in ‘the greatest battle.’

So all is well. The legs are churning under the surface and I’m beginning to agree with those out there who see Jesus Saves as our sponsor rather than only as our message. God is faithful and he comes through. In Jesus He shows us that. With The Son’s faithfulness firmly as our focus it is much easier for us to forgive those that let us down. It also helps those that we let down forgive us too – which judging by the amount of folks I need to call back is happening much too often in the frantic paddling. Thank God for His grace to us which we share with each other.

God bless.

Alvin Davies – Team Chaplain

Jesus Saves Racing

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