Spilled Water – Spilled Blood

The water hit the dirt floor with a puff of dust as the cold, clear liquid splashed onto the surrounding stones. The three dirty men watched the last drops trickle from the skin, at once stupefied and angry.

– – – – – – – – –

The fall had been an especially dry one. Earlier that evening, as the men sat in the cave resting from another day of raiding enemy bivouacs and capturing their scouting parties, the talk inevitably turned to food and drink, which always seemed in short supply. A mother’s cake, a wife’s roast lamb, or a choice wine from an uncle’s vineyard … somehow, the nostalgia sated the hunger, rather than increase it.

This time, even their commander broke in to the conversation: “By God, I would love to drink from the well that I used to visit as a boy. Its water was cold, refreshing, and sweet. What I wouldn’t give for a drink of that water right now.”

“I think I’ll go look for some game for tonight’s meal. You two layabouts, why don’t you come with me?”
The fact that he actually entered into the banter that evening raised eyebrows. His three captains shared sideways glances with each other and one nodded to the mouth of the cave.

Outside the cave, the three big men didn’t even have to speak. They knew what their mission would be tonight. They put on their light armour, took their short swords, and an empty waterskin. The well of Bethlehem was on the other side of the main force of the enemy’s encampment — this wouldn’t be an easy task but it was worth it. They loved that man, and if just one of them returned with the skin, it was worth it to serve their commander for this simple wish.

– – – – – – – – –

It took the men a moment to register what had just happened. As the final drop fell to the dirt seemingly in slow motion, their mouths began to form a response — a rebuttal — a …

Instead David silenced them with a terse, “How am I supposed to drink this!? Far be it from me to drink it — the blood of my men!”

The conversations, the banter, the arguments, it seemed that even the dogs eating scraps around the fire — all went silent as the actions of the Three and the words of the Commander began to sink in. The power of the moment was lost on no one.

The three men, weary yet still reeling from the adrenaline, took up their positions beside their leader and dutifully began to unroll their beds. They would sleep beside him tonight, as every other night. Guards were posted at the mouth of the cave. Tomorrow was another day, and once again the assembled men would battle for the their commander and their Lord God.

– – – – – – – – –

Where are you, men?

Are there other men in your life that you would give your life for? Are you living and serving with a group of men that have your back and you would trust with your life? Let this challenge and inspire you: Find brothers that you trust, men that will go to battle with you and for you.

Men that would risk their lives just to see the thirsts of your life fulfilled.