Slingfire An Epic Rap (Ep 4)

Episode 4

Now Father time marches on
And our story’s nearly all done.
Saul’s getting bad.
Soon he goes mad.
From better to worse
Like he’s under a curse.

07-swordJealous of Dave and his mind’s full of fear.
The Philistine Army, again it draws near.
He’s full a’ dread.
It’s all in his head.
He gets help from a witch who calls up the dead.
The Israelite Army’s all fled.
He’s terrified.
Commits suicide.
Away from The Lord
Gutted and gored
He skewers himself on his sword.

(As you listen to this thing
There’s a lesson to be had.
Don’t start out a king
And end up as a kebab.)

The nation sinks into war.
But Dave, he comes to the fore.
Yeah, The Lord, He makes him the King.
(It’s more than a cultural thing).

Now Dave didn’t live no perfect life.
He murdered his friend and ran off with his wife!
So The Lord showed Dave, he deserved to die.
He broke the man, then he opened his eyes.

‘‘You’se a visual aid, you ain’t the True King.
You’re just a taster for the Real Thing.
He’s yet to come.
He’s called ‘My Son.’
He’ll last forever,

Goliath gave a challenge and they all ran away,
‘Cept Dave,
Who was brave.
The Lord gives a challenge, to you’se all today.

08-choosemanHe says, ‘Choose me a man, to come out to me.
I’ll make you my slave, but then you’ll be free.
Yeah, choose me a man! And come out to me.
I’ll make you my slave but then you’ll be free.
To be the man, I meant you to be,
That man you know, you ought to be.’

‘Will you be like Dave, when things ain’t fine?
Will you trust in me an’ put yourself on the line?
For all the times that you bin’ mean–
It don’t matter no more—I’ve wiped the slate clean.

I’m The Lord, I’m The Fire an’ I am The Son.
I’m The Judge an’ The Jury an’ The Hangman in One.
But I’m The Man in the dock an’ I tell yer as well,
I am The Man that got sent to hell.
Got sent in your place.
Got blood on my face.
I was a disgrace.
I took the rap for murderer Dave.
I took your rap, got sent to your grave.
But I blew it wide open with the force a’ my Fire.
Yeah, I blew it wide open an’ I came out a flyer.

If you foller me, you’ll go to the wire
But I’ll fill you with Fire.
I’ll make you a flyer.
You’ll climb like the Eagle, higher n’ higher.
I’ll give your heart, My heart’s desire.

Will you be that man or will you run away?
Will you be that man?—decide today.