Slingfire An Epic Rap (Ep 3)

Episode 3

Read 1 Samuel Ch. 17 v. 28-52.

Brother Eliab heard Dave’s ideas,
But he got real mad, he turned red to the ears.
He said, ‘You’se up yourself, you just talk the talk.
Yer heart’s all bad and you don’t walk the walk.
Yer head’s too big to fit through the door.
You just come to see the battle for the blood an’ gore.
You just come to see the battle for the blood an’ gore.’

( When the Lord chose Dave from his whole family,
For them it was a case of jealousy.
When you’re on the Lord’s business and you do what you oughta
Sometimes you don’t get no family supporter.)

‘Sorry fer speakin!’ he said, ‘I cain’t do nothing!’
But he made a big impression—he got sent to the king.
Dave said to King Saul, ‘now don’t you feel down.
I got my act together an’ I’ll fight this clown.’
Saul says to Dave, ‘now don’t be a twit, man.
You’re young, just a kid, an’ he’s a bona fide hit man!’

‘I won’t be fazed by no Philistine.
I’m OK out there, out on the line.
So—he’s got a big shield an’ he’s got a big spear.
So—he thinks he’s the man, so what do I care?
The Lord’s with me, He was with me there
When I fought the lion an’ I fought the bear.
With The One who saved me from the King A’ The Jungle,
I’ll come out on top a’ this Goliath rumble!’

04-davidGoliath steps to the fore.
Sees Dave an’ lets out a roar.
‘Just a kid, with a stick an’ a rock!
Yer think I’m some kinda dog!
C’mon! A sling an’ a stone.
You might as well throw me a bone!

‘So I’m a kid.’
Dave said.
‘But I got His Fire all hid In my head.
An’ my heart.
So don’t start.
Cause you’re dead!’

(Now don’t blow it.
Don’t throw it.
You got The Fire,
He don’t know it.)

Hits home.
Sinks in right to the bone.
A split head.
He’s like dead.
Hits the dirt as Dave said.

(Perform the decapitation.
Hold the head up to his nation.
Grab it by the hair.
Give ‘em a scare.

They’ll soon be food for the birds of the air.
And you get a standin’ ovation.

Now Dave don’t worry ‘bout bein’ unkind.
So you cut off his head?—well you freed his mind!)

Panic seizes the Phils.
They try to make for the hills.
The Lord’s Army,
They go barmy.
Cut the Philistines up like salami!

06-chicksRead 1 Samuel Ch 18 v 6-7.

(Now Dave—keep yer chin up.
To the chicks—you’se a pin up.) (*06*)
It’s like one—girl band
Throughout—the whole land.
Singin,’ ‘Saul—he kills
A thousand—of the Phils.
But if Dave’s –in the frame.
Ten thousand—get slain.
Yeah, when he’s—in the zone
Ten thousand don’t come home.’