ROSPA – and I thought I was a good driver

A few thoughts about driving…………..

A couple of years ago I had a very slow speed collision with a motor cyclist, caught in the ‘blind spot’ of my car, he had no reflective clothing on and must have been ignoring all the other traffic activity around him, but in the confusion and shock I admitted responsibility. As a result of this – and as an alternative to going to court, I attended a DRIVER IMPROVEMENT COURSE run locally.

Since then I’ve been caught out for speeding on two occasions both of which were due to my carelessness, the second of which I opted for a SPEED AWARENESS COURSE.

As a result of these activities I decided to sign up with my local ROSPA group believing myself to be a reasonably good driver and likely to pass the test in quite a short period of time, only to discover that I was barely above average.

The biggest difficulty has been breaking entrenched bad habits of 38 years’ driving, and my general – slack – style of driving. The biggest plus has been the ‘on the spot’ mentoring that is available.

The Derby group is made up largely of men!! Lots of on the spot mentoring, and on each outing (once a fortnight for an hour) there is feedback both good and bad on the quality or not of driving experienced.

The reason I am telling you all this is that I see major parallels with the Gospel and the life we lead as Christian men.

With ROSPA there is a strict adherence to observing ‘speed limits’ (2 mph maximum allowance either way) or you fail the test, planning ahead, maximising safety, and the pursuit of ‘top quality driving practise’.

Each time I go out I learn something about myself and my attitude (not always good – I’m a man) and can relate it to being partnered by another christian ‘travelling alongside’ through life.

I wonder how many of us still drive just over 30 (31,32,35,38?) when the speed limit is 30??? and the same for the other speed limits? I used to think nothing of it, but now I watch the speedo very carefully and very regularly. I used to to travel at 75 – 90 or more on the motorway, but no longer – and yes it is hard work.

What sort of a driver are you, a committed christian? Do you follow the crowd and flow as I used to or do you set an example as I now work to do?

I thought the mentoring would just change my driving, but it has actually challenged the life that I live as a christian. Its not that pleasant having your faults pointed out, but Oh so necessary, and it gets tighter the nearer to the test I get.

SO – watch your speed and check your mirrors regularly – and remember – the speed cameras may not get you – but who’s by your side in the car at ALL times?

God speed