Code Ode: Zak!

Read This: Luke ch 19 v 1-10.

Zak’, also known as Zacheus– chief tax collector, a.k.a fat cat/extortionist, collaborator with the army of occupation, a.k.a The Roman Empire. He is hated and despised by everyone.

Josh’, a.k.a Jeshua a.k.a Jesus– the long expected Chosen One; the ‘hero/wonder worker’ who the people think will free their nation and make them a super power again.

Zak’s a max man.
He’s the number one taxman,
He collects it in sacks, man.
Definition of slime,
His position, it’s fine;
Cuts nobody no slack, man;
Rich or poor, at no time.
The money, he stacks it man.

Zak’s just a crook.
You don’t give him a long look
Or your name’s in the wrong book.
He’ll be squeezin’ you dry.
There’s ev’ry reason to try
To get off of his long hook,
Or he’d get you on the sly,
No matter how long it took.

Yeah, Zak is a maximum taxin’ ‘em man
You don’t cross him you don’t boss him
Or you straight in the can.

Zak’s a small man,
Actin’ like he’s a tall man.
But he’s not got it all, man.
Don’t know what’s on his mind,
Won’t know what he might find,
When the town gets a call, man
From the man of our time.
Can it be him? Sure it can

Don’t know the score?
Don’t know who they all shout for?
You better get out more!
He’s the news of the hour,
When he uses his power.
You should hear what they outpour,
Short and tall, sweet or sour,
It’s Josh they’re all out there for.

He who’s to come.
Who will give ‘em their freedom.
Right now is the season.
He’ll support his own kind.
He’s their sort; got their mind.
Decent folk—stands to reason;
Honest, poor, solid, fine.
He’s their man, he’ll see it done.

Josh is the Chosen One only One Son
He’s from time outa time
Before timin’ begun.

Zak’s in the crowd!
There’s no need to say out loud,
‘You’re so in the out crowd.’
Get in front of old Zak
So he’s the runt at the back,
With height so poorly endowed;
‘You should take a new tack.’
In his head, ringing out so loud.

Can’t get a view;
Climbs a tree, yeah well that’s new!
Looks a fool—cool with that, too.
(When your PIN’s Mr Big, see,
You don’t shin up a fig tree.)
But he’s not turning back, you
Can sense, he can see
It’s what he just had to do.

Josh points him out.
Surely not, but there’s no doubt;
Shouts out to that old lout!
‘Wipe the frown from your face
And, like come down from that place.
All the rooms will be sold out.
Your house is my base.’
The crowd thinks, ‘he’s sold us out!’

‘Josh—in with me?’
Zak can’t see how can this be.
Thinks, ‘Josh—he should diss me!
He’s the hero, he can’t fail.
I’m a zero on that scale.
Yet he’s barkin’ up this tree,
Though my soul was for sale;
Makin’ friends—it’s a mystery!’

Zak comes on down.
Now he’s treading on true ground.
He’s hearing a new sound.
When The Chosen One, really
Says, ‘I’m choosin’ you freely.’
Then the shock goes all through town.
(They hearin’ it clearly?)
But it starts turning you around.

It’s a given, you’re forgiven though he knows you’re a clown
Now that he’s spelt it out
You’ve melted right down.

Zak lets ‘em know,
He was rich, now he’s more so;
He could let it all go.
He’ll give away half of it;
A giveaway heart for it.
What’s stole; he’ll pay four-fold.
He wants no more part of it.
His heart’s got a warmer glow.

Blow to their pride;
‘We don’t want him on this side.’
Josh came down on his side.
‘True son of my nation,
He’s come by salvation.’
But Josh is like wrist-tied,
That stand they’ve all taken.
He wants ‘em to ditch their pride.’

‘If you think you’re somebody, you’re nobody for me
‘Cus I’m takin’ scum ‘n’ makin’ sump’n
Outa them see.’