Code Ode: Yeah! But – No! But…

It’s too simple, any fool can understand.
It’s only meant for fools – who realise
That it’s to stop, see and take the stand
Of a fool’s what starts the walk of the wise.

It’s too deep, too off-the-wall for any mind
To completely grasp the how and why –
The central tangle I need to unwind.
I require my intellect be satisfied.

You require. So, you’re the centre of all things?
You don’t yet know what satisfaction means.
A mechanism? – This thing begins
Beyond your mind, your heart, your soul, beyond your dreams.

But there again, enough has been revealed
To separate the answer from the lies.
The answer only lies concealed
By self defence, self delusion, compromise.

It’s a gift – the proverbial free meal?
No bill to pay? Yeah – who is kidding who?
Must be some catch, must be some hidden deal.
If it’s too good, it’s too good to be true.

All I hear is, “Pull the other leg”.
Your cynicism’s eaten you inside.
You’ll kill the Goose that lays the Golden Egg.
To take a gift, you drop your stubborn pride.

It costs too much, there’s things I can’t give up.
I’ve got to look at what I’ve got to lose.
Hold on to all this passing stuff
And lose your very self? Go on, you choose.

It’s boring, it’s uncool. It isn’t very funny.
You’ve swallowed fizzy water, spat out wine.
You’ve been conned. Forsaking honey
For the sake of a laugh, you’ve guzzled slime.

In a sense it seems so clear
And then hard to understand,
On the one hand seems too dear –
Too cheap on the other hand.
Plain history, raw fact
With all the frills cut clean away.
Were you hoping for more tact,
A more reasonable way?
It stands, an anchor and a rock
From which your anger, scor n, your shock
And your excuses all in vain
Run off like spatterings of rain.
It’s just The Truth, immense and free.
The command is, “Taste and see!”
It will kill you and then will give you life.