Code Ode: Battle to be free

“I can’t tolerate intolerance.”

Read this out loud:

You got ‘morality’
I got plurality.
If something’s right for me
I guess I might agree.
Like, if it’s for your view, or not.
Like, is it false or true, so what?
Stuff debate–
‘Cause that is what is the
Most valued quality.
We know that we got free
From all your bigotry.

So, you say you don’t hate.
You say you tolerate;
Say you ‘value’ my view
And hey that’s cool with you.
But if I say my view’s—get this!
The only way that’s true—big hiss!
That’s not cool
Breaks your rule.
That’s your forbidden stance
That’s your intolerance.
‘Cause, hi! I’m in your face,
That’s why I’m in disgrace. 

I say I’m free to be
Whatever seems to me
To be OK to me.
There is no way that we
Would ever, ever be—slaves
Could never, never be—have
To conform
To your norm.
I’m never gonna be
One of your wannabees.
No I don’t rate your name
So I won’t play your game.

Your freedom seems to be
Just in your dreams to me.
It’s just some fantasy.
Come on you have to see
We’re all hard-wired to be—slaves.
Don’t need to try to be—have
As slave to
What or who
Get’s us to feel inspired
Or feeds our deep desire,
All neatly wrapped inside
Our fear, trapped anger, pride. 

That’s layin’ things on thick!
Some things they make me tick.
Some things I pick and choose
(Don’t think there’s much to lose).
Some things, they say ‘I’m me.’
They’re the things that drive me.
There’s no danger
From no stranger.
No-one else at large,
‘Cause I’ve put me in charge.
My drives won’t give me heat.
I’m in the driver’s seat.

So go and serve them well,
Go build a personal hell.
Be king in there, alone.
A king on his own throne,
A child, that’s of our age.
Beguiled, at center stage.
Locked inside
Your own pride.
What is your only choice?
It is—who’ll own the voice?
The one you will obey;
The one who’ll hold your sway.

Suppose I see I’m made
Always to be enslaved.
OK, if serve I must,
Then say whose worth my trust.
Who could my master be, now?
Keep me disaster free—how?
No one cares
Like me, there’s
No-one else I see
Who can love me like me.
I’m not just as a rule
Sucked in just like a fool.

There’s one who’ll stand with you
Who cares more than you do.
To serve him’s why you’re  made.
A price for you’s been paid.
It cost an infinite, cost,
Cost him his life, lost.
Fools are wise
In their eyes.
So think, do you despise
What is the truth for lies?
And might you only be
Free in his slavery?