Code Ode 6 – An Always All-Wise God?

Read Hebrews ch 2 v 16-18.

Recite this out loud:

An always all-wise God- who knows?
Who knows the stigma of a fool,
Who’s called a fool by fools but throws
No insult back.
A ruler making every rule?
Who wants to rule with one;
With love, gone on and on, one tool,
My heart to crack.

A light outshining all bar none?
Which shines into the dark
So there from darkness I can run
And overtake.
A sunbeam shaft, a laser’s spark
Which pierces keenly, arrow thin,
Through eyelids, in and pins its mark,
My dawn to break.

One who could every victory win?
But tells his armies, ‘Stay’
And meets hell’s vaunted malice grim,
Weak and alone.
And counts the countless cost to pay,
No other man could share,
And dares to face that fearful day,
My fears to own.

One who is tempted with the snares
Of comfort, wealth and fame?
But never bows and so he bears
Them more than all.
So when I’m bowed beneath the same,
He knows the weight I take.
And on his strength I make my claim
And stop my fall.

One whom power and heaven forsake?
Sick joke to decent men;
Left writhing, nailed up, on a stake?
I ask Him, ‘Why?
And why d’You take the scorn from them?’
He answers, ‘It’s your scorn.
I’m torn, your chains to break, for then,
Your death I die.’

Who would run with me? For we
Would best not run alone.
Of all the runners there might be,
Just give me Him.
The lonely, tortured nailed one,
The man run through for me;
Now running with me, life re-won.
We’ll run and win.