Code Ode 4 – Dan in the Den

Read Daniel ch.6.

Rap this:
Dan’s in with the lions
An’ he’s not a supergiant.
An’ he’s not supercool,
Not super self-reliant.
This is what yer get
For bein’ so defiant.

Would he choose it for a job‘n
Could he lose it without sob’n?
C’mon it’s a no-brainer,
He is not a lion tamer.
Guess what he forgot?—
His lion-type restrainer!

He’s already feelin’ chicken
When he starts to feel ‘em lickin’!
His stomach starts to sicken.
His bones they’ll soon be pickin’.
Then they go to sleep,
An’ he’s still alive ‘n kickin’!

He’s not feelin’ puzzled
How the lions they bin muzzled.
‘Cause The Lord, He shut ‘em down,
Or they’d ‘ve had ‘im guzzled.
Them pussy cats ‘n Dan—
They’re so together nuzzled!

He caused so much het up
We could guess this would be set up
On some charge they had to get up,
So the lions an’ Dan, they met up!
He prays to Who he prays,
An’ for him there is no let up.

Dan serves kings but One who’s greater
Who’s the Master and Creator.
All through life he’s bin his Saviour.
Dan accepts no imitator.
The Lord an’ Dan done stuff!
So he prayed an’ worried later.

The ruler of the nation,
Beaten by manipulation
Of his fear and pride,
Had his foundation shaken —
Bin’ forced to put his hope
In the God of Dan’s salvation.

The king,we hear him rockin’
Right up to this stinkin’ lock in.
This is really tellin’,
‘Cause now he’s started yellin’
Outside the lions’door.
That is awesome that is shockin’.

Now he’s out there, hov’rin’
For an answer. He is grov’lin’.
Now he should understand
He’s got nothin’ that’s worth off’rin’.
God of lions, God of all,
You are Sov’reign over sov’reigns.