Code Ode 10: I’m Givin’ You a Last Chance – Bow, Or Do the Fire Dance!

An amazing story of faith, courage, solidarity and the Power of God which changed the outlook of the most powerful man in the ancient Middle Eastern world.

Read this:
Daniel Chap 3 v 1-27.

Rap this, out loud:
Neb built a golden statue—that’s expensive!
It musta’ made the people apprehensive.
Lovin’ it or cursin’ it,
They gotta fall an’ worship it.
Or burn inside a furnace—that’s intensive!

His PR man gave the great an’ good a statement.
“When you get the theme tune, don’t you be too late, gents.
When you hear the deadly jingle
Cain’t you feel the red flame tingle?
Now I’ll let the hit men tell you the arrangements.”

“Ev’rybody bow the knee to the statue.
‘Cuz we are gonna be all lookin’ at you.
Better get yer face down,
Better let it stay down.
‘Cuz we are hangin’ ready here to snatch you!”

Neb’kanezza needed feedin’ of his ego.
‘Cuz he didn’t have too many real amigos.
He‘s some control freak;
Freedom is oldspeak;
Too bad for Shadrak, Mishak, Abednego!

In the civil service they’re the three best fellas.
It’s human nature. All the rest are jealous.
Said, “Now we’re gonna get ‘em,
‘Cuz their faith’ll never let ‘em
Ever bow to other gods—they’re over-zealous.

They told Neb, “Your laws are bein’ flouted.
Shad, Mitch an’ Nego, they ‘bin outed.
Dear leader don’t get uptight,
But we hear the three stayed upright.”
“Then bring ‘em all to me!” Is what he shouted.

“I’m givin’ you a last chance.
Bow or do the fire dance.”
“I’m givin’ you a last chance.
You bow or do the fire dance.”

“Be it death or glory
The Lord he owns our story.
“Be it death or glory
The Lord he owns our story.
That is our final answer—that is our stance.”
That is our final answer—that is our stance.”

The King, it drove him, yellin’ to the wi-yer.
Said, “Bring the stove up seven times high-yer!”
Too hot to turn a roast by it,
The guards are turned to toast by it
While slingin’ them into the fi-yer.

Neb thought “ I’ll eat my hat an’ shed some ego;
‘Cuz who is that with Shadrak, Mishak, Abednego?
For sure they’re safe an’ sound in there.
What’s more, now walkin’ round in there,
There’s four where there was only three amigos!”

The three come out without a whinge from the thick of it;
Yer see without a semi-singe or a sniff of it.
The rescue was a miracle;
The rescuer, angelical.
Yer see, God’s in the ring an’ he is fit for it.

Now Neb is biggin’ up the God of the threesome.
Said, “He’s livin’ He’s a bod who is fearsome.”
Anybody who is dissin’ Him,
You gonna soon be missin’ him.
‘Cuz Neb, he gives the nod an’ disappears ‘em!

Ask this:
Have I got a few brothers, or even one who would stand with me through my fiery trials?

Pray this:
Please Lord, find me some men who will stand with me, for You, whatever.