Star Trekkers 1: A Christmas Code Ode.

Read Numbers ch. 24 v17.
Matthew ch. 2 v 1.

Seeking the Truth
In a world full of lies
In a world full of fools
They called them wise.
They studied the writings
The stars and the sightings
But never quite knew the score
Till it- entered their minds,
By signals and signs.
No thing of its kind
Had they ever known, before.

Voice of a Wise Man
It filled us.
And thrilled us.
The hope nearly killed us.
It led us
And fed us
With feelings of dread as
We realised that we were sure,
That this thing,
Was something,
More than anything
Else, and still it was more.

And it, in its kindness
Looked down from its fineness
And started to show us some more.
And that’s when it was that we saw,
It wasn’t a thing, but a King
That filled us with awe.

Those like us, seers and sages
Looked for the King, down through the ages,
Blind at first, seeing in stages.
Was there a message, hidden in pages
Of all history?

They started to answer unanswered questions.
Noticed the hints and the suggestions,
Fit into place, section by section,
They feel He revealed concealed connections
Of the mystery.

There are kings with cities,
Glittering pretty,
Kings with nations
In adoration,
Empr’ors with empire,
Intact and entire.
But this one—had his own star.

Down through all hist’ry
They’d followed the myst’ry.
However hard, how far.
They had to follow the star.

They hired guards—charted courses.
Saddled up—camels, horses.
Took on water—hired porters.
Goodbye sons—goodbye daughters
Goodbye wives—goodbye friends.
Chase a star to world’s end.
Chase a star to world’s end.

With streaming banners,
Flying crests,
Camels, stallions
With golden medallions,
And sovereign gifts in treasure chests,
Like desert galleons
Sailing west,
Past jackal’s lair
And snakes’ nest,
Rock and ruin and desolation,
Star- smitten;
Landscape without limitation,
Till they reached the Hebrew nation;
They took their quest.