The Demolition Squad in 2014

Demolition Squad

Back in October of 2012 a meeting was held in The Hub to talk about how CVM could equip and resource men across the country and further afield with resources to help them share their faith. The Demolition Squad was born that day. Tasked with the objective of providing good answers to tough questions we set to work writing, teaching, and training.

2013 saw the blog take off, the podcasts launched, and the training beginning through various events including the national CVM training weekend, The Gathering.

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In 2014 we’re heading from strength to strength. There are fresh projects and new content in the pipeline and we’re excited to share that with you! But first, we wanted to recap on last year.

Top Blogs of 2013

In 2013 we put our heads down and started to write articles and blogs on the challenging questions Christians face when sharing their faith. Coupled with this, we wanted to highlight existing useful tools and resources to help you in your evangelism.

We had lots of fun the blog and we hope you found them useful. We loved all the comments – even if we couldn’t respond to everyone! – we value the interactions they provide and the conversations that they spark.

It’s hard to pick any blogs to single out, but here are five of our more popular blogs from last year:

The Blog in 2014

In 2014 we will be finishing up the ‘Arguing from the Evidence’ series with an article on the Moral Argument. Following that we have a new series, some book reviews, and some fresh media.

We value all of your input in the comments and emails that we get. Your thoughts have helped us to shape our content. We would love this to continue. Do you have an idea for us? Is there a tough question you’ve been thinking about? Drop us a line in the comments below with your suggestions for 2014. We read every one and will take your ideas on board.

Coming Up: Quickfire Training Day – 8th February

Quickfire Training Day

The Demolition Squad will be deploying to the CVM ‘Quickfire’ Training Day on the 8th February. Squeezing the best bits out of some top thought leaders this day will equip, inspire, and encourage you.

Come along and benefit from a full day of training from experts in evangelism to men.

You can book in online here.

We want to thank you all for your engagement in 2013. We’re excited about what this year holds, the wider goals of CVM, and the general mission of seeing men introduced to Jesus!