Clear Minds and Dirty Feet – from Jon Morrison

Clear Minds and Dirty Feet
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I want to introduce you to a useful book. It’s written by a good friend of mine. Jon Morrison is Canadian, slightly cheeky, sharp-minded and very easy to get on with because he’s mastered the art of not taking himself very seriously.

Jon and I studied together for a period and he’s since returned to his beloved native Canada where he works for Apologetics Canada.

A Book For All Of Us

One of the things I remember about Jon from our time in the classroom together was his quest to understand and communicate the big picture and his love for cartoons. Both of these skills he has woven into the book. Written as an introduction to the reasonableness of the Christian faith it is effective as a commendation of faith to those who don’t believe. It is also a great tool – and I suspect this where it will prove most useful – for Christians looking to understand further the reasons for the hope that we have been given (1 Peter 3:15).

In a clear, straightforward manner, Jon tackles many big and tricky questions of the Christian faith, along the way introducing the reader to many of the authorities on these matters, both present-day and from the depths of history. One of the delights of the book is how Jon offers glimpses of much deep thought in many areas through the voices of many great writers, philosophers, theologians, and historians. They serve as a signpost to various rabbit holes, where readers are invited to explore further if they so wish.

This is, as Jon writes, a book of “Christian philosophy that could be read by people who are not philosophers.”

Clear Minds and Dirty Feet is a book of,  “Christian philosophy that could be read by people who are not philosophers.”

If you are someone who is looking to learn a little more of Christian apologetics and are wondering where to start, this book is a great place to dive off from. Once you have read it, underlined it, used it as a reference, you may well find yourself buying another copy to pass to a friend.

What’s Included

The book surveys much of the evidences for the Christian faith starting with the ‘conflict’ between science and faith. Jon then offers contemporary arguments for the existence of God including the Fine Tuning Argument, a look at the Big Bang, and an argument from morality.

The book deals with much of the high-quality philosophy done in these areas before getting to the heart of the matter, that is, Jesus.

As an “historical religion” Christianity is based on the person of Jesus, rooted in the claims of the Bible. Jon examines these claims and the goes on to look at the resurrection, miracles, and tackles the thorny issues many would want to leave alone, the doctrine of hell and the problem of evil.

Jon’s pastor’s heart and desire to communicate the overriding message that Jesus has been raised from the dead comes shining through. The Bible says that, “If Christ has not been raised … your faith is in vain. (1 Cor. 15:14)” By looking at the evidence for the life of Jesus, what Jesus accomplished, and that we can know this today, Jon places the heart of the Christian message at the heart of his book. The fruits of philosophy, history, and theology point to a greater truth revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jon’s pastors heart and desire to communicate the overriding message that Jesus has been raised from the dead comes shining through.

With many good reasons to believe in Jesus Christ and a deeper understanding of the incredible hope for the world, the Christian who learns something of apologetics is equipped to answers questions asked of him. This hope that we have come to know and love compels us go and tell others. This is why clear minds really do lead to dirty feet.

Dr. Craig Hazen has called this book “delightful” and “full of interesting, cutting-edge content”. I quite agree. Jon has done what many find very hard to do, that is, take tricky, complex ideas, and present them in an easy-to-digest format. I’ve learnt from this book and I have no doubts you will do too.

About Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison is associate Director of Apologetics Canada and adjunct faculty member of Pacific Life Bible College. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter.