What Is Codelife?

The Codelife journey started about 2 years ago. For me it’s always when I’m not expecting it that I hear God speak to me. On this particular occasion I was in the shower.

Out of the blue an idea popped into my mind accompanied by a panoramic vision of seeing a movement of men rise up across the UK. I got out of the shower and wrote down 4 statements under the heading “The Code”.

If you are anything like me, I find walking with Jesus an up and down affair. Sometimes I feel like the afterburners are on and I’m slipping along at mach 2 and nothing can stand in my way but at other times I feel like the engines have flamed out and I’m in a flat spin!

I have looked for years for something that would help keep me in track. Something that would help me and my brothers walk with Jesus at work, home, church, on the playing field, over a business deal, in my relationships with others. Codelife speaks straight into this.
When I looked at it, “The Code” looked like a kind of modern day monastic ‘rules of life’ for men. Not my thing normally but I had that heart in my mouth feeling that you get when you know God is there with you.

Cutting a long story short, I took it to the team I work with who loved the idea but not everything I had written down (bit too much of me in some of the statements I think!)

So over the last 18 months we have wrestled to get to the heart of what we believe God wants for us. That initial 4 lines has now become 12 statements that cover many areas of life. Along the way we have had some amazing encounters with people who have felt similarly stirred and have seen God shine His light on us.

Imagine businesses signing up to the code as a kind of kingdom kite mark. What if issues such as sex trafficking got hit hard because men decided that they were going to take a stand. What if men decided that they were going to look away from the gutter but be prepared to pull people out of it? What if men decided to live once again by a code of honour with Jesus as their captain, brother, rescuer and friend. The possibilities are limitless, the potential for transformation, huge!

The Codelife movement will be launched at our September conference with the public release of the 12 codes and accompanying resources.
Join us for what could be the start of something amazing.