I’ve found it tough to get my head around Haiti.  I know all the theology and I can come out with the standard responses but that all feels more than a little lame.  And listen, I know I can pray as well.  I know that’s crucial and that believers all over the world need to be on their knees for this and all the others crisis that the world suffers.

But I’m fit and able bodied.  I can shift rubble, carry bags, dig holes, distribute aid, be a dogsbody.  Every fibre in my body wants to go out and physically do something … anything!  Partly that’s because I’m a bloke and as a bloke my instinct is to fix stuff and not think about it.  But partly it’s a gut feel to being a follower of Jesus.  I think He would be in the rubble and the chaos not sitting back thinking how bad it all is.

So, I’ve spent some time trying to find a way to do something … so far I’ve drawn a blank. Seems like the aid agencies want skilled and experienced people but if anyone out there knows how a bloke or blokes can get on a plane and get their sleeves rolled up for a while let me know.  I don’t want to take photos, film stuff, get in the way or make a token effort so that I look all holy.  I want to get my hands dirty, seriously dirty.  And I want to do something.

Luke 4:18 is key.  We mustn’t theorise about good news.  We have to be it as well …