Who (or what) do you turn to, when life is a struggle?

If someone asked you this today, during lockdown, how might you respond?  

Well, I guess it might depend who asked you; but either way, as a Christian could you truly respond…  “Well, I always turn to Jesus and He sorts my problems out.”  

Or might you say: “Life struggles?  No, not me…  I’m always happy.  Since I became a Christian, I don’t experience any problems.”

If your answer is along those lines, please feel free to delete this blog – because it’s unlikely to be of any interest!

However, for those of you (like me) who would love to answer as above, but more often than not entertain temptation in order to appease and soothe the problems that each day brings, this blog might offer you some useful tips.

Before having another attempt at answering my question above, let’s go back a step.  If we’re honest with each other, life can be a real grind – especially right now with all things Covid driving some of us insane.  For that reason, it can be a great help if there is someone in our life who we can turn to, and who will always offer the right kind of Godly advice.

“Do you have an accountability partner? 

Let me ask you a different question: “Do you have an accountability partner?  A trusted man with whom you can share your intimate secrets?  A man of God who will support you with prayer and Godly counsel when you are struggling?”

If you do that’s a help, a great help.  But, frankly even if you do, it’s still easy to keep your fears or secret sins in the dark and not share them; especially if doing so might cause you considerable shame. 

So, let’s be real with each other, many of us Christian men turn to all manner of sinful ‘idols’ for comfort with our struggles. I know, I’ve struggled with some of them over the years!  

Here’s a few idols that spring to mind:

  • A secret affair.  

  • The use of pornography, available at the touch of a button on our computer/smart phone screens – even more tempting now many of us are locked down at home.

  • Drug abuse.

  • Too much beer, or a bottle of gin hidden in your ‘man cave’.

  • Abusing/Controlling/Shouting at/arguing with your partner/wife/kids/parents. 

My final question for you is, assuming you are like 99.9% of Christians world-wide and have struggles to deal with daily, how do you discipline yourself not to listen to the evil one, and act upon his ungodly advice?  

Well, some of us might pray for more self-control.  Some might use a secular organisation to help them fight addiction.  You might know someone at CVM who can help.  I’ve been a supporter for 7 years – they are brilliant people!  Others might ask their Vicar/Minister/House Group leader for advice, but how do we know if it will be Godly advice?  

Sad to say, some of our Christian leaders today are following a progressive, liberal, woke agenda.  Such wolves in sheep’s clothing seek to affirm or appease us rather than give a ‘difficult-to-hear-word’ in love.  On the other hand, the Bible tells us ‘Every Scripture is God-breathed (given by His inspiration) and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, [and] for training in righteousness (in holy living, in conformity to God’s will in thought, purpose, and action)…’ (2 Timothy 3:16 AMPC)

After decades of struggles (of all kinds), God inspired me to write a book for men, to help us men better cope with life and its constant difficulties.  It’s based pretty much entirely on Scripture and the advice of some great Christian men.  See my autobiography below for a link to my book website.  Here’s a few short tips for you from it (in no particular order).

  • The moment you share a secret sin with another man (or if you are married, share it with your wife if you are able), the darkness is brought into the light and Satan’s hold over the situation is broken.

  • If you are a Christian man. You are in a spiritual battle.  The battle is for your mind and you need more prayer cover than you realise.  You also need to know how to apply the principles of Ephesians 6:10-20.

  • The devil is real.  He is forever happy if you believe the lie that says he is a figment of your imagination.  Need convincing?  Treat yourself to this book: 25 truths about Demons and Spiritual Warfare by David Diga Hernandes.
  • ‘Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent’.  (Revelation 3:19)

  • Jesus says ‘Crucify your flesh’.  Don’t be surprised that it’s a painful process!

  • Fear can be conquered by courage and faith in the Lord.

  • The devil cannot stand it when you worship Jesus. So what’s stopping you?  Tone deaf?  God knows that, but wants you to sing His praises anyway!  When you do, the devil will flee, chains will fall off, and you will be set free. (See Acts 16:25-36)

  • No matter, what you’ve done, God loves you unconditionally.  Embrace this Biblical truth.  Talk to God about your failings and receive the liberating power of forgiveness.

Image Credit: Mishal Ibrahim

About the Author

I’ve been a church-goer for fifty-four years, but I only became a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christian in 1992.  

For my sins, I am a lifelong follower of Luton Town FC.  Luton are not very good, but our current manager is an overt Christian (Nathan Jones) which is refreshing.  I’m married to Michele and we live in the East of England.  Michele has written 6 Christian books, visit www.michelenealuk.com for more information.

I mentioned I have written a book for men.  If you want to know more about it, visit my website www.thechristianbookformen.com.  The book’s foreword was kindly written by Michael Cooper who was (until recently) National Director of CVM.

If you feel you would like to read the book, but can’t afford to buy a copy in the current economic climate, I’ll post a copy FOC to the first 6 men who email me asking for one (see my website for contact details).  

God bless you deeply in these challenging times!