When is news not news?

As I write there are many news items about hurricanes approaching the Caribbean and East coast of America.

This made me wonder, is this news?

Every year there are hurricanes that charge across the Atlantic hitting the Caribbean and East coast of the USA, we know and have known about these natural phenomena for ever and a day. So why is it news? Perhaps it is not news!

The there is Tornado Alley, an area in the middle of the USA.

‘Generally, Tornado Alley starts in central Texas and goes north through Oklahoma, central Kansas and Nebraska and eastern South Dakota, sometimes dog-legging east through Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana to western Ohio.’ (Wiki)

But when tornado’s hit this central zone is this news?

Tornados always happen; they are as regular as clock work so why is it news?

It is not news that nature performs natural events at certain times of the year or even on a regular basis; for example, the Severn bore occurs about 260 times a year with two tides per day; the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park erupts every 45 to 125 minutes and has been doing so for many years. It’s not really news. Surfing the Severn Bore is a ritual for some folks, but it is not news. Maybe something extraordinary happening as a consequence of a natural phenomenon is news; being trapped in a flooded cave system, stuck on Everest during a massive white out. Nature is in itself not really news, the consequential actions associated with the weather might be.

Personal news associated with age, heart conditions, prostate cancer, and diabetes is the kind of news that challenges us. It is also news that can and does affect the immediate family, probably not news they want to hear! But, how do we handle this kind of news? After all, the immediate consequences can be quite profound.

What is the remedy to building homes in tornado alley?

Are there consequences for building directly in the path of annual hurricanes?

What can we do when we are hit by our own personal hurricane?

There is good news that continues to confound mankind, which is reliable, personal and corporate; news that never fades or grows old and deliberately places itself in the path of mankind affecting each and every individual.

The Good News of the gospel message. News that when understood and accepted changes forever the recipients of this particular Good News. This news provides a clear pathway through the approaching hurricanes. Yes hurricanes do happen in life, but our news is such we can navigate through the mayhem, for our God is an awesome God, he will not allow more than we can handle. Jesus died for each one of us, but more than that! He rose again for each one of us, His human body appearing to the many followers who became part of the news story. If Jesus’ resurrection was enough to save you surely he will also stand with you in the hurricane or tornados of life, whatever they might be. As we get older we can feel that we have little to offer Gods kingdom work. Strangely enough He doesn’t see it like that. He takes each and every storm, building our character so we can give testimony to what Jesus can do. This testimony remains good news. And you are central to this story, for realise it or not, all that you have gone through or will going to go through testifies to Gods endless love and grace. Wow! Good news.