What we know about space?

On a dark clear night, staring at the milky-way, it is staggering to think of the awesome place we call space. It is impossible to look at the milky-way and not be impressed whilst feeling small against the night sky.

New astronomical pictures from ‘deep space’ (I wonder how far is deep?) make the place we call ‘space’ even more staggering and beautiful. Why do we call it ‘space’, it’s not empty, it is so full up and what is the blackness that surrounds each star? Okay I’m baffled, I do not know, so don’t ask me, ask a space scientist.

I was given this explanation about space. Take a sheet of A4 paper, look at the edge, see how thick/thin it is; that’s what we know about space. Look now at the A4page when viewed from the front, that’s what we don’t know about space! Will man ever find a new earth, populated by people?

This small A4 illustration helps me when I look at the stars and the infinity of what God has created. It also helps me when considering God, heaven and the future kingdom. I am told that heaven will be full of people who have preceded me. There are some famous names on the list and I suspect a few that will shock and surprise me! As I advance in years and consider that the pearly gates are beginning to swing open I have two thoughts that come to mind;

Have I done enough for Gods kingdom here on earth?
Am I ready to walk through the doors of heaven?

I’m not sure what answers I can give to both of these questions.

Sometimes I’m looking at the edge of the paper but want the edge to be much thicker. I need more time, to do more, to see more; I cannot say I’m ready to leave this great planet. Certainly my aching bones challenge me daily, certainly I haven’t travelled the world as I would like to, maybe my page of A4 is thinner than I expected!

When I read of heaven in the book of Revelation it has much to offer. I wonder if anyone has mapped out its dimensions – there must be an architect or surveyor out there somewhere. What I cannot escape is the eternal promise to be united with Jesus and to dwell with the Father and have my place within this bountiful place.

I can imagine one or two of the older generation; I’m talking about a hundred and thousand years older, perhaps Abraham and Daniel, or maybe David making me welcome and saying, ‘Welcome, we have been looking forward to meeting you, we’ve heard all about you!

Okay, the time draws nearer but there are still one or two things I would like to do on the edge on my A4