Under the shadows

You may be reading this and not be a Christian. That’s okay but this is a message for those who are Christians.

You see I was troubled for a while about some of the life style choices I am being asked to make, and I should say, have made. There is confusing multi-messaging coming from many different sources, some Christian, many secular. I am frequently being asked to live in a certain way, I need to have a body honed to perfection, groomed to an acceptable level, and I need to smell great and have the right clothing to hang on this perfect body. I am also told to live in a certain way, yes have values and views but I must accept others values and views but not allow my views to hurt or distress anyone. I need to eat, but I don’t want to be a secret eater to please all those who disagree with my eating habits. I’m a carnivore. I can have political views, I can have religious views, I can have no view at all; but I must live with consideration for all other people and not do anything to harm them.

Now I have a problem with all of that.

You see, I see Christians who want to live media driven, socialistic life styles, motivated by an understanding that chasing after a post-modern world life style is okay. It keeps one relevant? Susceptibility to differing trends, diets, clothing, electronic gadgetry; missing the understanding between needs and wants whilst smiling as payment is made for the latest must have gadget. Looking in the mirror and thinking ‘Am I ready for this world? (Man, I look good!)’.

I think there are lots of mistakes being made, and this is not what God asks of us.

We are people of the light, and as the bible says we should not hide that light. But if what people see is this multi-media model of a man and not the scriptural follower of Jesus then we are living in the darkness. And this is the point I want to make. 

We Christian men are people of the light and if we allow a shadow to come and cover us we have a responsibility to get back into the light. We are told to be light. Copying the world is not being people of the light. If we feel even the shadow of a cloud coming near to us, move, get back into the light. Don’t wait until the shadow is over you, it’s too late. Stand in the light and claim a light filled life style. This does not mean that we do not dress well or look right and be appropriate as Christian men. But it does mean we are not clones to the world view. The world is the shadow. Get out from under the shadow this applies to all of us – we know who lurks in the shadows.

Image Credit: Kristine Weilert