The upside down puzzle

Have you ever tried putting a jigsaw together with all the pieces turned upside down and with no picture to guide you how it is going to come together? As you try it, you will find different problem solving skills come into play. Skills of patience, persistence, observation and strategy will all be needed as you work with a grey canvas and pieces which look similar. By solving the puzzle, you will find you are learning from having to pay attention to how each piece fits together through its shape and design. You will feel a sense of achievement when you complete the puzzle.

Living in a world like the upside down puzzle, which is moving away from absolutes and boundaries set by God, we need to take time in God’s presence to ask Him to show us His picture and how to see things from His perspective. It is going to mean turning off the TV or radio, not turning on the computer or tablet and ignoring any thought of using the mobile to text or tweet. There will be a need to find a quite place, a place where we won’t be distracted and where we can be alone with the Father.

God can use many different ways or methods to show us how the pieces which form life’s puzzle fit together. His answers can come at any time, in any place or in any way He chooses. We have to be ready, willing and waiting to hear Him speak. He just asks us to be willing to receive from Him in the way he chooses.

When we complete the picture with God, which is our lives, He will show us a picture that is full of colour and we will stand in awe and reverence for what He has done.